Centasource Ltd. is a property investment company based in London

With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, Centasource Ltd. is a company built on professionalism, credibility, and expertise. Our main purpose is to provide clients with the best investment opportunities from the property market in the UK and overseas.

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Three reasons that help us stand out

Experts in identifying best investment properties

Here at Centasource , we take pride in our ability to spot the best investment opportunities, from buy-to-let properties with lasting returns to properties with high capital gains. We also take risks seriously, which is why we allocate a lot of effort to ensuring that the investment opportunities we present are safe and protected. For us, due diligence and security checks are just as important as projected returns and transparency.

25 years of combined experience

Our expertise and experience are also among the reasons why we have the ability to work alongside the best developers in the UK, as well as top-notch developers from around the globe, to formulate market-leading investment opportunities for our valued clients. Each investment opportunity is analysed and handcrafted to suit the needs of clients.

Building relationships

More importantly, we strive at building and maintaining relationships, both with developers and with valued clients. Investing in the property market is a very enjoyable journey; one that we enjoy sharing with our clients. Simple joys, such as facilitating clients’ trips to their investment properties and seeing their faces upon hitting key investment milestones, are our sources of energy in this business.
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Imperial Residences Hermes3-min

Imperial Residences

Rosemarine Birds EYE view-min


Riza heights Two Intro-min

Riza Heights TWO

Zyphyros village 3 Nereid 1

Zephyros Village Three

Plot 73 Arithea 1-min

Arithea Villas

Nemea Villa-min

Souni Pine Forest

Monagroulli Hills (3)-min

Monagroulli Hills

Pearl Park Residence

Magnolia Block A-2-min

Magnolia Court Luxury Apartments

Faros beach front villas-min

Faros Beach Front Villas

Cape St George Option 02-C-min

Cap St. Georges

Plage Residences (11)-min

Plage Residents


City Gate Apartments

Jasmine Gardens B-Rear-min

Jasmine Gardens

Sea Caves Residences 13-800X600-FEAT

Sea Caves Residents

Cyprus Residency Investment

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